SPAM firewall is a service that resides on a mobile carrier network and helps protect end users from SPAM calls and SMS messages. With this service the end user gets the option to effectively block unwanted incoming calls and messages in an automated way, at the same time keeping the ability for expected and approved callers to reach the subscriber

This is a service for mobile carriers that helps generate additional revenue on the existing user base


Who it is good for

For those whose mobile numbers have already got into numerous call center databases

This can be any person, but normally a mobile number gets into spammers database after publication on some public message board, or after a leak from a bank or insurance company.

Such leaks happen everyday in every country.

For those who has to publish adds on online classified

Right after a person makes his or her contacts public (which happens often when one uses online classified) spammers gather this data by using automated parsing scripts.

After that these contacts are sold to various call centers which then abuse these contacts with unwanted calls and messages.

For those whose job is to talk on the phone

There are people whose job is to take calls from unknown people (whether one is a small business owner or a sales person).

On the one hand such people cannot stop answering calls from unknown numbers, but on the other hand they are more than anyone else are abused by call centers, telemarketing campaigns, even by marketing robots. As a result the efficiency of their work is significantly decreased.

How it works

The end user configures the major service parameters via a mobile app (PIN codes, calls filter that have to pass through the firewall). The app can be either standalone or be supplied as an SDK to be incorporated into existing end user selfcare portal

When a new call comes in - the service checks if the user is subscribed to our service or not

If yes, then, the mobile core redirects that call to an application server (which is our product)

The application server fulfils the required scenario of call handling

Call handling scenarios

The firewall service can be instantly turned ON and OFF any moment via a mobile app.If the service is ON the end user is requested to configure the call filter that controls which calls would have to pass through the firewall and which would skip it.

Call handling

• If the calling party number is found in the contacts list of the end user, then, the call skips the firewall and is passed over to called party as usual;

• If the calling party number is unknown to the end user, then, the call is forwarded to an IVR prompt where the caller is invited to enter a PIN code;

Для звонков

• if the PIN code is entered correctly, then, the call is passed over to the called party;

• if the PIN code is not entered correctly, then, the call is either dropped OR redirected to the called party via a premium rate line (which incurs additional cost to the caller and additional revenue to the carrier; and additional bonuses to the end user);

• PIN code is configured by the end user via a mobile app. The end user is supposed to give it to everyone who must reach the end user even if the call is established from an unknown number.

SMS handling

• The end user has the option to blacklist certain numbers OR keywords found in the message body. For example: “sales”, “special offer”, etc..

• The list of the blacklisted numbers and words is configured by the end user either globally or for each contact separately.

• The blocking procedure takes place on the mobile carrier side, irrespective of which mobile phone the end user is currently using.

Why your end users would love it

While being almost 100% effective against SPAM, the service still makes sure no important and legitimate calls are missed

The end users would be able to even earn extra penny (perhaps in the form of bonuses from the mobile carrier) for calls that get into the premium line of the call handling algorithm

It is possible to use the service irrespective of the mobile phone and the OS type and version. End user can precisely configure which calls are wanted and which are not. They can let legitimate callers reach you even if they call from unknown number.

Why mobile carriers need it

It is an option to earn on existing user base

The service can be set up as fast as within 2 weeks (provided the mobile core team is ready to cooperate). Both CAPEX and OPEX models are available.

We host the service on our premised. Mobile carrier does not need to invest into own hardware or software. This helps to launch the service without extra tender.

We know precisely what configuration changes are required on the mobile core to connect and we help make them.

How people solve SPAM problem now

Both Android and IOS devices have inbuilt “do not disturb” option. This option normally helps to secure your comfort for a certain period of time, allowing calls and messages from a closed group of contacts. But it does not help to effectively split unwanted and desired incoming calls.

Every mobile phone has an option to block certain calling party numbers. Unfortunately, this only help post factum, after an unwanted call has been answered and finished.

Certain people simply do not answer calls from unknown number. This is also an option, but definitely not for everyone.

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