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Donation prices





Dear Players,


Since the Arlania website is still under development, I decided to make an overview of all donation prices on here.

Very soon we will release our website including a Hiscore, Store, Vote, Homepage.

Below you will have an overview of the price /point.

If this formula wasn't applied to your previous payment (excluding the 25% off), make sure to pm me.

I'll make a thread explaining all benefits each rank aswell very soon.


To kickoff 2017 well we're currently having an 25% discount on the Arlania points untill 01/09/2017 to spend ingame so the prices you'll see minus 25%!



1-25 USD - 1 points each dollar.

25-50 USD - 1.05 points each dollar.

50-100 USD - 1.1 points each dollar.

100-200 USD - 1.2 points each dollar. 

200-300 USD - 1.3 points each dollar.

300-400 USD - 1.4 points each dollar.

400-500 USD - 1.5 points each dollar.




All the best wishes and regards,



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