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  1. Looking forward to your return, my good sir!
  2. @Arlania I'm happy that I came across this server, as it lead to such a close and caring owner. I truly wish you the best with your job and with your life x
  3. Absolutely amazing! Well deserved, guys!
  4. Other than the sound issues, it's looking good! Hoping that you continue with these! x
  5. I'm terrible at CS:GO haha. Glad to see you on the forums sir x
  6. 550 kills damn! Well done sir! x
  7. The first one is basically a type of Trap yeah. Second type of music is known as 'Sadboys', which is basically a type of psychedelic rap/trap.
  8. Hey man I believe we never met! Either way, welcome back and I really look forward to your 'Road To Maxed Iron' series! I'll be watching it for sure! WELCOME AGAIN! x
  9. Got through some of it, but why would they ever think it's a good idea to do this ? Baffles me! Either way, I laughed at some of the calls I heard. Absolutely brutal!
  10. Sorry if you're not into the music. I'll post my favorite and most recent.
  11. You're very welcome. Progression is coming along nicely x
  12. Lovely looking bank sir! x
  13. DUNGEON RUNNERS A TEAM BASED DUNGEONEERING EVENT The idea of this event is to have as many teams as possible rush through dungeons. One of the staff members will wait outside the dungeons timing which team finishes first. The score can go to 5 or 10 completed dungeons. Rewards can be: Dungeoneering points, Mystery Boxes or Skilling boxes (resources) Let me know what you think! x
  14. When killing the first form of KQ you receive the drop, so you're stuck on having to kill the second form. The drop needs to be changed to after killing both forms, or possibly adding TWO KQ forms in the boss lair.
  15. I'll join in