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  1. Bug

    Sorry i broke this, can be fixed with a server restart.
  2. Some yes. However i've left a few items out of this picture
  3. Here's a sneak peak of my bank as some of you were wondering what it looks like.. i've saved some items from out of this photo, to show you in my next bank pic
  4. Thx for the event
  5. To be honest, I think we should encourage everyone who is able to make videos, to do so. The more video's we can get on youtube, the more people we are going to attract to the server. I agree it is a bit unnecessary having the same video on two different channel's, but that is honestly up to the creator of the video. The rank is earned, and if the player creates decent video's on a well subbed channel, then they will receive it. It isn't just handed to anyone who makes a vid, so no need to worry about tons of people receiving the rank.