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  1. Hey guys, First of all i would like to sincerely apologise for being really inactive ingame and on the forums. My internet has been disconnected for an unknown reason and I spoke to my ISP and my internet will be back up on the 24th January. Sorry for everyone that that has contacted me without success. I will be active on the forums but am limited on what I can do, due to being on my Phone. Would like to say Congratulations to @Hypernova on become Arlanias Administrator, @Gem for becoming an Owner and @Panda for becoming an Ingame Moderator. I am dearly sorry guys, I hope you all understand and are considerate <3 I miss you all. Best of luck @Arlania you're a great friend and an amazing Owner, I will miss you dearly. Thanks for the opportunities you gave me and I'm sorry for letting you down. I wish you all the best! Hope to keep in touch man <3
  2. Welcome to Arlania mate i play csgo, over 2,400 hours. Peaked at Supreme Master First Class, At the moment main is Distinguished Master Guardian and smurf is Nova 2. Practice account is Master Guardian 1
  3. I've missed you Kyal.... hit it me up on Skype ingame or Forums please. Glad to have ate you back man. <3
  4. He's pretty decent, I've been watching Sir Pugger, Chris Archie and B0aty
  5. - Korin has Joined the Staff Team as Forum Moderator, We wish them the best of luck!
  6. My boys @Panda & @fastboy50 may at the best team win guys! #TeamBravo
  7. Im in
  8. Goodluck goodluck all
  9. More then once? assuming you're talking about second accounts etc.
  10. Achievement Event!

    Details can be found HERE
  11. So, a round-robin? I like this idea
  12. PVM

    Reply with a little longer sentence then "Ha ha" OT: Hyperpleb, awesome loot keen for #4
  13. Welcome to Arlania my favourite anime are The 7 Deadly sins, Sword art Online, Bleach and Blue exorcist Hope you meet you in game!
  14. @fezzer @fastboy50 @Akashi @Panda @Undead Ban @Johnny @Opi #7 Sins?
  15. #7 Sins Goodluck with the clan mate!