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  1. best of luck brother
  2. also i must hope tyrant the best all from what i have seen from him has been awesome aswell so i hope he lives up to you great standards witch i know he will. congratulations tyrant on becoming our new owner <3
  3. bas bro where do i start thid is the 2nd rsps i have ever played and look where you have brought me. i'm staff you are the best rsps owner i have ever met i will definitely miss you dearly i have you on skype so please keep me in touch these past 4/5 months have been great getting to know you from day 1 have been an absolute ball hope you the best in life brother lot of love fezzer <3 will miss you bro hope too see you in the future <3
  4. lets do this gl all
  5. #7Sins
  6. Title: Sub-Title: Color: Render or Background(Optional): Small Description(Optional): title: fezzer subtitle: arlania server support colour:blue
  7. yeah was a great event
  8. sounds awesome bas great work
  9. awesome work man
  10. fezzer, participating gl guys your going to need it
  11. only been here 4 months
  12. hi guys, i know most of you have known me for a few months now so this isn't really for you (bas,lance,panda,goku,umad,rp ect) my ign is fezzer im 20 years old feel free to pm me for any help ill try my best for you im from the uk anything else you would like to know about me feel free to pm me im a open honest person
  13. welcome pal hope u enjoy your stay