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Blood Talon

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  1. @Nikolas can confirm this guy is a legit player payed me out when I won our fp's shame he cleaned me tho l0l
  2. Welcome to Arlania hope too see you ingame, and will be looking forward to your progress
  3. Tbh I don't agree cause a lot of us have already spent dung tokens on chaotics sorry just my opinion. But I agree with all the rest
  4. For Herblore id suggest killing brutal green drags since they drop a lot of herbs
  5. Awsome vid Liked subed commented
  6. Not good with doing forums posts but here are some suggestions. 1] Living Rock Caverns - Gold ore and Coal 2] Skilling Point System with Skilling Point Shop 3] More Skilling Outfits like Rogue outfit angler prospector 4] Loyalty Shop [not titles] Let me know what you guys think. Thanks Blood Talon
  7. some nice loots there video hope too see more vids for server
  8. Gl my man, cant wait too see your progress
  9. Thanks for this lux hopefully this will help a lot of people
  10. Support all these +1
  11. Great work arla cnt wait for the update too be added
  12. yummmmm. meatfeast pizza
  13. Ironman

    yeh am referring to axe's pickaxe's fishing bait nets ect arrows can be fletched runes can be runecrefted bolts can be fletched if its added
  14. Ironman

    Basic items ect fishing supplies mining wcing there own ironman armour its ment too be a challenge for them and buying from the reg shops makes it too easy for them.
  15. am 100% sure am not am not from Liverpool for 1