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  1. looks great! love the update.
  2. Congratz guys. thank you for your support of the server.
  3. im sure going to miss you. i almost wanna cry tbh. Everyone will miss you dearly, nevertheless good luck on your studies. i wish you the best of luck on it Add me on skype: Blaz0r laz0r. i love you man, thank you for everything you've done for this server. <3 if you ever need anything im here to talk or anything man.
  4. welcome to the server, Coin. Enjoy your stay here.
  5. gratz bro! love bp
  6. Welcome back. i didn't get to know you on the beta but it's good your doing good.
  7. Support Ticket

    He was testing out to see what would happen if he died on a hardcore ironman and he did, but he lost his items.
  8. Those look nice. i want one. hopefully i get one next time lol. nice work korin.
  9. Support Ticket

    it's true. he did lose them.
  10. Nice bank man!
  11. love the team set-up. thanks @Arlania.
  12. Congratz man! blow pipe is good to use. i love it.
  13. nice video man. keep em up. your doing great loving the openings.
  14. sounds good anyone is welcome
  15. PVM

    @Lance sorry about that. i edited it.