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  1. Was about to say Solved and closed
  2. As far as I'd know, it could be about anything man
  3. Daamn, great update man
  4. LOL Bro I've killed u 3x more than u've ever dreamed of killing me
  5. Best of luck bro Hope to see ya back one day !
  6. Man, going to miss u so much. Joined it since the beginning, won't be the same without u. One of the best owners for sure. I'd hope u'd reach whatever ur goal is in real life and wish u all the best. Thanks for all the fun & good time <3
  7. Looking forward to Ep 2
  8. Hey welcome man Hope u'd enjoy ur stay ! I used to play csgo, peaked at legendary Eagle, not too bad imo haha. see ya in game
  9. Daaamn, gratz haha
  10. Heya Kyal, Glad to have u back again bro, I really am I'd remember those good old beta-days haha. & I'm happy to hear that ur doing fine irl man, I truly am, a lot of shit happened but in the end what matters it that ur doing good ! Welcome back bro
  11. Hahahaha this guy is a Fcking legend
  12. Support Ticket

    9-1-2017 @Hci himself doesn't have a forum account and according to himself the page would take a lot of time to load due his bad connection. https://gyazo.com/19813e366c8d80fe2a5f7f2d8feebf09 Also he claims that @Blaze was there and is his "proof". --
  13. Haha no idea, they're always trolling on this show. Looking at the hosts how they tilt makes me laugh && the story people make up just to make them mad haha.