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  1. Welcome!
  2. !!!!Thanks @Lux for the idea tbh !!!! Forum Posts: 25 50 100 250 500 1000 Likes: 10 25 50 100 250 In-Game Experience: -250M Total Experience -500M Total Experience -1B Total Experience -2,5B Total Experience -5B Total Experience -10B Total Experience -25B Total Experience -34B Total Experience (MAX EXP) Total Level: -1000 Total Level -1500 Total Level -1700 Total Level (MAXED SKILLER!) Skills: Runecrafting: 99 200M 1B 2B Construction: 99 200M 1B 2B Dungeoneering: 99 200M 1B 2B Agility 99 200M 1B 2B Herblore: 99 200M 1B 2B Thieving: 99 200M 1B 2B Crafting: 99 200M 1B 2B Fletching: 99 200M 1B 2B Slayer: 99 200M 1B 2B Hunter: 99 200M 1B 2B Mining: 99 200M 1B 2B Smithing: 99 200M 1B 2B Fishing: 99 200M 1B 2B Cooking: 99 200M 1B 2B Firemaking: 99 200M 1B 2B Woodcutting: 99 200M 1B 2B Farming: 99 200M 1B 2B Goals (Current Goals) 500M All Skills 120 Dung Cape 2B All Gathering Skills 25,000 items of: Red Chinchompas Magic Logs Rune Bars Raw Rocktails 100K Stardust 100K Runecrafting Energies 5 #1's on HiScores (not out yet) BANK: (COMING SOON) LAST UPDATE: 08/22/17
  3. Reservererd
  4. -= Supreme =- We are Supreme! A High Level Skilling clan! -> Roster <- :Leader: (1/1) Luca :Officer: (0/2) :Members: (0/7) <= Requirements => 500M Total Exp WITHOUT Combat Exp or 2B Total Exp WITH Combat Exp or 1500+ Total level 3 combat or 2200+ Total level <<:Application Format:>> NAME: AGE: TOTAL LEVEL: TOTAL EXP: LEVEL 3 OR NOT: (Maximum of 10 Members as i just want a small and cosy group of friends.)
  5. You 2, maybe we will be staff members both in the future!
  6. 1- What is your in-game name?: Luca 2- How old are you?: 16 (17 in 3 Weeks) 3- Which time zone are you in? (Ex., EST/ PST): CEST 4- Where are you from? (what country, language?): Belgium, Dutch & French but can also speak English 5- How many hours a day can you play? And how many hours per Weekend?: Weekend ehrm 14+ Hours a day, schooldays 0-3 hours / day, so averyage of 35 ish hours / week 6- Have you ever been a staff on any other Private servers (proof would be needed, if not, fill in No)?: Yeah once owned my own long time ago, don't have any proof of it. 7- If Yes , What is the name of the server(s)?: I think it used to call BronzeScape 8- What do YOU think is the most important duty of being Server Support?: Helping every single player on the server, making it staff more easy controlling the server with 9- What makes you think you are qualified to become Server Support: My patience, good mood and willingness to help. 10- Any other relevant information?: I play CoD Competitive in a team, meaning some times of the year i NEED to train for this and wont have allot of time for Arlania. 11- Why should you get Server Support?: Because i'm pretty deticated to Arlania, i'm still a young player but if needed i can act like an adult (atleast i think so lol), i have been playing runescape over 7 years now and rsps 3/4 years wich i consider as veteran, so i have a good game-knowledge 12- How often will you contribute to forums?: Multiple times everyday 13- Would you consider yourself as a good Server Support?: Perhaps, i would help anyone on the server as much as i can myself. 14.- How long have you played Arlania?: 2 Weeks+ 15- You have to be active on Skype, are you active? If not, are you willing to be?: I am, checking skype daily however more active via Discord/Forums. Extra: I'm very bad at Applications, not only because english isn't my native language but yeah i just don't really know what to say about myself tbh. Good luck to all others
  7. Goodluck bro (:
  8. Welcome to the forums! may my dick be out for you.
  9. Welcome B
  10. Not sure about 3, maybe @Arla has any idea? 5. basically a plant that you put on ground that just says your stats etc 6. these would be cosmetics. 8. sort of, but with a dj itself.
  11. I Made this thread as i feel like Arlania could use more content, however i think its more important fixing all bugs and glitches that are in game atm. :: 1. New Minigame :: (This will indeed take allot of hours to make, if it even is possible.) This might look a bit like soul wars tbh. Both teams have a npc (prob a boss) with tons of hp in a camp at their team, before the game starts both teams have 5 mins to gather supplies, you can choose a kit, with melee, ranged or magic at the beginning of the game and everytime you die. (there is a wall between the camp and middle of every team) you will need to fish for food or do thieving to get money and buy supplies from a store (with rocktails and pray pots for example) --> Rich people won't have better gear, won't destroy new players. after 5 mins the walls fall. people will have the possibility to do 3 things, 1: Skill to boost team mates their combat level & Damage the opponent's team boss for a bit 2: go to the middle to pk for keys, in the middle of the map there is a chest where you can use your keys, in the chest are very strong items (blowpipe, tbow, vine whip, kodai wand, katana,..) wich are rare ofc, but also common items like chaotics, normal whip, staff of light, good bolts for cbow etc... 3. go to the enemy's boss to kill after a team's boss dies. after a team's boss dies players CAN'T respawn anymore, the team that survives longest will win. rewards tokens, with those tokens you can buy supplies, dragonkin lamps, and even a pet and charms (like in soul wars) f.e. : 100 tokens - 200 magic logs, 25.000 - pet :: 2. Skilling Pets :: As it says, have a lucky chance while skilling to get a pet. when examining it says the exp the player has in a skill :: 3. Donator Zone for non-donators :: Have a guy at ::home, selling tickets for 100m / hr tp'ing you to d-zone after your hr is done you get tp'd back to ::home :: 4. a non-combat comp cape :: When maxed all non-combat skills, you have the possibility to go for the non combat comp cape, with requirements like: 100m exp in all non combat skills cut 10k magics fish 5k rocktails 250 laps wildy course 1000 red chins catched, etc. ::5. Marker Plants as Achievement Banner:: Have marker plants in skilling store for 100k points, when put down, it will yell all your stats you have, if someone clicks the plant all your stats will show up together with your drop and kill log. ::6. New Skill Gear:: Chaotic Skilling gear, Chaotic Axe, Pickaxe, Fishing rod, Hammer, Knife and chisel wich all would have their own bonusses ::7. 120 Capes in All Skills:: As title says. ::8. Arlania Radio:: Have a radio playing in game, with dj's (would be something great if we had more members!) all these suggestions are maybe crazy but maybe something could get implemented, for now i just hope the main things get fixed like hiscores etc. -Luca
  12. 1. yes true, but still. i'd like to see some items extremly rare. 2. yes true, definitly, things like more exp, no kc at gwd, dzone i have no problems with, it are just advanteges, but i don't like donator only content really, like donator bosses 3. ofc ::home update would be awesome for me, but i mean it isn't really needed so i think bugs/fixes/more players are more important
  13. i think, making drops even harder then they are right now would be better for economy, also don't make allot of donators only things except for donator zone maybe, it would be nice to have a boss dropping like 10$ scrolls/page things like very very very rare, i would like the ::home on a different place aswell, make it a bit more fun and cosy, I think making allot of customs isn't always a good thing only if they are made with allot of effort, if the things that are in game atm, all work good. i think this server could make it far yes, except for the money you need to pay for some stuff, ofcourse thats my opinion and i would love hearing anyone else their opinion
  14. i did, and i did.. lul rip ;-;