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  1. Thanks to everyone that replied, really means a lot to me. It's been a great time with everyone and I will miss every single one of y'all! <3
  2. Aahhh Blaze, I will miss you too man.. I'm sure you'll be alright with Gem hosting! I tried adding you but couldn't find you, add me: "befreshly"!
  3. Love you man, we will continue talking on skype! <3<3 Oh and try to learn pking for when I get back from time to time so we can 1vs1 so you might have a chance!
  4. Haha those barrage of skype messages contained so many improvements on the game, I'm sure Gem can turn them into reality! Bye man! <3
  5. Good luck in life Finity, hope you do well! <3
  6. Dear Arlanians, About a month ago Arlania was released and the journey has been great so far! However recently I've noticed that I've gotten way more busy and received an offer to work as a fulltime Wedesigner, Webdeveloper in 2/3 weeks from now at my current internship. An oppurtunity I will never decline of course. I have noticed that I have been so busy the past few weeks working 45 hours a week, working out 5 days a week, having driving lessons, following courses for certain web languages, graduating from my current study and managing the server that I wasn't able to commit myself 100% to the server management, server updates as I'd like to. For this reason I gave away my ownership to Gem / Tyrant today, a good friend of mine that I've known for some time. Some of you might already know him because he has developed for Arlania from time to time. He's going to be the new owner/developer of Arlania and will bring out some amazing updates. Trust me when I say this guy is REALLY good at developing! I was so certain that I didn't want to just close the server because I truely care about every single one of you. It's been an amazing time playing with y'all and hosting this amazing server! I've known some players from Arlania for about 6 months now and I will really miss y'all <3! For this reason I was really dedicated to find someone that could host the server in my absence and make the best out of it! There's going to be no changes to the current staff team and community, everything will stay the same. However theres going to be someone working on the server more frequently, more time to advertise and manage and obviously I won't be around as much as I was before. My rank ingame will probably change aswell, me and Tyrant will have a chat about what it'll become. I will still get online from time to time, obviously less frequently as before. I will miss everyone and hope you guys have an amazing time on Arlania in my absence. I'd like to thank every single one of you and especially the staff members: Lance, Goku/Hypernova, Fezzer, Panda and Korin that have made this server as amazing as it is right now, I could've not have done it without you guys! <3 If you'd like to chat with me personal, feel free to add me on skype: befreshly Thanks for reading this, Arlania/Bas
  7. Hey Nova / Kyal, Hope you're doing alright! Cya ingame soon buddy.
  8. Gratz man, best item ingame!
  9. Who knows Ice poseidon, his previous streams and youtube video's? God I love this guy, what a legend. For those who don't know him, you should watch previous broadcasts from his streams, he was hilariousssssssss
  10. Support Ticket

    Has been taken care of.
  11. Support Ticket

    Could you explain me what happened? Either ingame or on the forum, I might be able to give you your items back!
  12. What is this type of music called? Some sort of trap?
  13. Changed the entire color scheme of the forum, if you find stuff that isn't re-colored yet. Please let me know. Changed the thread icons to new ones, credits to @Korin for finding these.
  14. #Alpha are you guys ready to get beaten?
  15. Is this including the gear you're wearing?