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  1. Hey, welcome to Arlania!
  2. Hey man, nice introduction and welcome to Arlania!
  3. Well perhaps some need a nerf, for example the Giant Mole. If there's more bosses that need a nerf/buff I'd have to know to be able to change the droprates.
  4. The green dragon pet droprate has now been fixed and it will fade in the economy eventually. Also there will be loads of new pets coming in-game, people will probably grind for these aswell as their droprate will be extremely high.
  5. Please be specific and give me names of items / bosses that need changes in the droprates
  6. Dear Arlanians, In my absence some rumors have been going around which had a big influence on the overal atmosphere in-game and the playerbase. Many players have quit but I strongly believe that we can get these players back and get loads of new players. I've been thinking about what strategy we should use and in my opinion what's needed isn't necessarily new updates with new content. We have a lot of content already in-game and I strongly believe that we need to fix all bugs, dupes and make the server function well with a well divided economy and have everything balanced out. Once we have achieved this we can think of new updates. Of course next update will also contain some new stuff and changes such as new boss pets etc. However I feel we need to focus more on fixing all flaws and making everything more balanced. What I need from you guys, is basically tell me everything that you feel should change. This could be a droprate or a bug in-game or anything and I will do my best to process this in the next update. Besides from balancing everything out, there's also some advertisement needed which will be taken care of by me. We are going to push this server to its full potential together, but we need you guys for this aswell.
  7. Thank you Blaze, the community will appreciate this!
  8. I believe you already receive boss points from killing the Abyssal Sire, will double check anyway. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Sexy tabs, remember doing this in OSRS!
  10. Next update gambling will be disabled using Flowers and the Dice Bag untill we have a bigger playerbase. So far there's a ton of bugs on my list to fix, add new boss pets and re-size all of the current ones because I feel like they're not 'pets' right now. If anyone has more bugs/suggestions/anything, please let me know. Remember that I can't do everything as some stuff is time consuming.
  11. Welcome Guido!
  12. I am very happy to be an owner from a server like this with a community who's always thinking and caring about the server. Thank you guys, everyone single one of you! <3
  13. I came to the conclusion that in my absence there's been some stuff happening which is obvious due to a RSPS being ran without an owner. First of all let me clear up some stuff. Freshmeat did not accept me paying him with irl money, all he wanted at that time were in-game perks. When coming back I was going to promote him as I truly appreciate all the hard work he put in the server. The reason for him to leave was that he's going to run his own private server eventually which is totally fine and I wish him good luck. The server isn't dying guys, all there's needed are new updates, advertisement and some changes in the staff team. We've been in this situation before but having a server running without any management from an owner is really hard. I will start getting youtubers in our game as I didn't want to do this in my absence and we've peaked at around 30 players WITHOUT any advertising already. Imagine how big WE can become with advertising. Have faith guys, we will build from here on and continue on this amazing server with this amazing community. Updates will come and our playerbase will grow.
  14. Dear Arlanians, As stated before I will be heading to Greece today and will come back on August 16. I wish you all a lot of fun and an amazing time on Arlania! Donations can still be done using the store on our website; http://www.arlania.com/store/ When paid I will get a notification on my mobile and I will forward @Hypernova in-game name 'Nova' (Administrator) to pay you in-game with what you've paid for. I will probably hop on the forum sometimes to see what y'all up to! Yours sincerely, Arla
  15. Damn Blaze, I love it! Nice work Lux.