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  3. This one will be on a other league
  4. Doing my weekly check in, and I'm glad to see the server is being resuscitated. I loved Arlania, and I'm sure this server will be just as great. I will be glad to help out on the next, as I've done on this one, and if there's anything you need to be done currently, I'll gladly help out now.
  5. Damn, I go for a holiday and a new server is coming out. Very excited!
  6. cannot wait sorry for my absence went on a supprise holiday
  7. Welcome mate.
  8. Can't wait for it bas ! Keep up the good work mate Sounds fun can't wait
  9. Can't wait for it! - Elo || Lucas xoxo
  10. welcome bro hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. Im looking forward for new server base. can't wait
  12. Looking forward to the new client !
  13. Hey guys First of all, sorry for my absence. I started a new study and was already expecting to become really busy, especially the first weeks with intro, projects and so on. From now on I'll have more spare time and the ability to work on the server more frequently I am aware that Arlania has died and I was already expecting this. I simply wasn't able to host the server while being away from my home a lot due to school/work etc. Before school started I bought a new server for about 500 USD (totally not relevant but just to give you guys an indication of how good this server is). This server is not yet ready to host and requires some work, I will be commiting all my spare time on this to make sure I'll be able to host this as soon as possible. This server will be nothing like Arlania as it's something truly unique with features and graphics no other server has. I wanted to really crank up the level of our server drastically so for this reason I decided it would be a wise decision to invest in a new server. We will also start with a new server name which will be announced soon aswell. When we release this master piece there will be cool events and all ex-donators will be given back their items/donator points as we really appreciate your support! I am really excited to bring you this news and in the future to post preview pictures of what is coming. Thank you for reading this, Bas
  14. Hello Guys i am blow addict and im glad to join the server, i would happy to be in the community and server the community with every help i can do and assist the server, thankyou.
  15. thanks for the vid @Thomy. looks good bro.
  16. We understand Arla. we're staying loyal, what many of us are left anyways.
  17. I plan on coming back, I just hadn't had a computer in a while, and I saw that not many players were on, so I wasn't sure if the server was still active or not. I do miss you guys!
  18. Thanks bas , keep working hard man and no need to apologise just thought it was odd i hadn't seen you or some others but i understand . Thanks for everything you doing bro
  19. Because the server is dead and old content that was almost copied and pasted. Ever since FreshMeat left there hasn't been a single update that meant anything. It was a money grab and a project to abandon.
  20. I've been too busy with school, my apologies for that. I am still working on the new source & client and will update y'all with more information soon.
  21. It's fine man just i thought was odd i hadn't seen some people . No harm done
  22. Sorry bro ive been busy irl with family and other issues. ill play again as soon as i can.
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