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  1. Yesterday
  2. Looking forward to your return, my good sir!
  3. Congrats man. Hell of an achievement!
  4. Can't wait for you to be back so we can talk finally. <3
  5. Hey guys, First of all i would like to sincerely apologise for being really inactive ingame and on the forums. My internet has been disconnected for an unknown reason and I spoke to my ISP and my internet will be back up on the 24th January. Sorry for everyone that that has contacted me without success. I will be active on the forums but am limited on what I can do, due to being on my Phone. Would like to say Congratulations to @Hypernova on become Arlanias Administrator, @Gem for becoming an Owner and @Panda for becoming an Ingame Moderator. I am dearly sorry guys, I hope you all understand and are considerate <3 I miss you all. Best of luck @Arlania you're a great friend and an amazing Owner, I will miss you dearly. Thanks for the opportunities you gave me and I'm sorry for letting you down. I wish you all the best! Hope to keep in touch man <3
  6. No, if it's drained more than from 3 brew doses, it wont. But if you brew 3 times then restore, it does restore to full. That's why the brew to restore method is so heavily used in pvming
  7. I'm not entirely sure but I think super restore does not fully recover your stats, so if your stats have drained a lot then it wouldn't completely restore it from one dose.
  8. Hey Bas!, sorry for not responding when you posted this. I will really miss you man <3 You have been a great owner And i really wish you all luck in the future. Peace man have a good one! Hope i will see you online in game soon.
  9. Bug / Glitch: Whenever you do the proper Brew to Restore healing method - Sip a Saradomin Brew 3 Times then sip a Restore once - The Super Restore does not fully restore your stats to normal. What happens?: Above ^ Proof (If possible): Stats without restoring: This is what happens when you DO restore Other Info: Pls fix asap :c
  10. Last week
  11. Thanks to everyone that replied, really means a lot to me. It's been a great time with everyone and I will miss every single one of y'all! <3
  12. @Arlania I'm happy that I came across this server, as it lead to such a close and caring owner. I truly wish you the best with your job and with your life x
  13. looks great! love the update.
  14. Good luck with the apartment search hit d3 in league myself (while being burned out) so gl on masters aswell
  15. Gl to you and to Gem, been a fun ride
  16. best of luck brother
  17. Even though its not really a faulty code being added, I will modify it to not allow claiming when XP is locked.
  18. It was nice playing with you and i hope we'll see you keep comming online aswell Gl with your internship.
  19. Was about to say Solved and closed
  20. As far as I'd know, it could be about anything man
  21. also i must hope tyrant the best all from what i have seen from him has been awesome aswell so i hope he lives up to you great standards witch i know he will. congratulations tyrant on becoming our new owner <3
  22. bas bro where do i start thid is the 2nd rsps i have ever played and look where you have brought me. i'm staff you are the best rsps owner i have ever met i will definitely miss you dearly i have you on skype so please keep me in touch these past 4/5 months have been great getting to know you from day 1 have been an absolute ball hope you the best in life brother lot of love fezzer <3 will miss you bro hope too see you in the future <3
  23. nevermind i had my xp locked... rip
  24. Bug / Glitch: Dragonkin lamp not giving xp What happens?: I choose smithing and got no xp Proof (If possible): Other Info:
  25. I have a question. What is the video supposed to be about? That would be cool to know what it is we're supposed to focus on. Or is it just anything?
  26. Absolutely amazing! Well deserved, guys!
  27. Players of Arlania! It's now time for the official Youtube event. How is this going to work? The Youtube event will be done based on the amount of views you get per video. Once the player has uploaded the video onto youtube, Depending on the views you get on it, you will be rewarded one week after the video is uploaded. What will be the rewards? 25 views will be 1M per 25 views (1M) 50 views will be 2M per 25 views (4M) 100 views will be 2.5M per 25 views (10M) 200 views will be 5M per 25 views (40M) 300 views will be 7.5M per 25 views (90M) 500 views will be per 10M 25 views (200M) 750 views = $5 scroll + 50M 1000 views = $10 scroll + 100M 1500+views = Discussable How do I join? The process is fairly easy! All you have to do is submit a video on YouTube using the format (displayed below) and advertise your video, the more views, the more rewards. Please avoid any attempts to cheating as we will use different methods to ensure all views are real. Create a thread on the Community Media section for your video, by doing so, you automatically being entered to the event. What are the Rules and the Format? The Format is a couple requirement which are a most for every participating video in the event. - Title must contain 'Arlania RSPS' (May be written in different keywords) - A link to Website must be added in the description of the video - A link to the downloadable client must be added in the description of the video - Requirements are subject to be changed and its your responsibility to visit this often to ensure your video apply all the rules - Recommended: Have several keywords on the bottom of the description (Also on tags; Example): rsps, 2017, 2016, best rsps arlania, 317, 562, 602, runescape private server etc' - You may claim a reward after having the video up for a week, and only once. Keep in mind, deleting the video after claiming your prize will result in a consequence.
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